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From exclusive NEW PRODUCTS and NEW TLD launches, to important account updates - this month't newsletter is packed with essential information, so grab a coffee and enjoy catching up on our latest HEXONET offerings. Wishing you a prosperous October!

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HEXONET Launching Premium DNS!

Big news at HEXONET: We're excited to announce our upcoming launch of Premium DNS!

Premium DNS is a security solution that will accelerate your website speed, make your website more secure, and ensure 100% up-time for as little as $10 USD a year. With around-the-clock DNS traffic monitoring, analytic tracking, and an easy set-up process to integrate Premium DNS with any of your domains, this affordable solution is the DNS product you've been looking for!

Later this month, look out for an email providing more information on how to upgrade your existing DNS zone(s) to Premium DNS, and/or create a new DNS zone with Premium DNS as your preferred DNS solution. We'll also sharing several blog posts soon explaining more about DNS and why our product is a fantastic solution!

If you are a reseller of HEXONET: Resell and order Premium DNS products via the Control Panel and API starting later this month. To prepare you for the launch, an e-mail will be sent to you shortly that will include all the important information you need to start reselling Premium DNS. We'll provide you pricing information, how to create Premium DNS and API documentation. Note, WHMCS support will not be available for Premium DNS at this time. More to come, so stay tuned.

Website Maintenance Notice

Please note that on October 21, 2018 from 00:00:00 UTC to 04:00:00 UTC (2:00 am CEST to 6:00 am CEST), we will be doing some website maintenance. During this time, our website and DNS servers will be available, although the search functionality and new sign ups will not.

Details: During the maintenance work, there will be an outage where all persistent connections to our API gateways will be closed and no new connections established. Users of our Control Panel will also not be able to perform operations during this time. The production and the OT&E environment will be unavailable.

While we take this time to improve our service, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please do not hesitate to send us an email should you require any assistance related to this maintenance: [email protected].

Important: Banking Update

On January 1, 2019 our bank account details will change. Please make sure to use the following bank accounts to perform future transfers:

USD Bank Information:

IBAN: DE21 590 700 70 00 331736 01
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank

EUR Bank Information:

IBAN: DE48 590 700 70 00 331736 00
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank

Transfers within Germany do not require BIC.
Please use the IBAN and the following BIC for transfers from abroad: DEUTDEDB595

Address of the bank:

Deutsche Bank PGK Saar
Talstrasse 39
66424 Homburg

The accounts are already activated and can be used from now on. Please note that payments to the account of Kreissparkasse Saarpfalz will not processed past January 1, 2019.

New TLD launches at HEXONET

Sunrise New TLDs:


General Available New TLDs




.FAN, being launched by Donuts Inc and is ideal for anyone passionate about sports, entertainment, celebrities, or the arts. Use it as a great way to connect and engage with loyal fans and followers. Companies spend billions of dollars every year on fan engagement; .FAN offers the perfect extension for this thriving category! .FAN can be used for digital ad campaigns, fan community emails, fan websites, live events and meetups, social handles and much more.

.FAN Launch Schedule:

Sunrise*: October 2 - December 1, 2018 (Start-date Sunrise: all domain names will be registered on a First-Come-First-Serve basis)

EAP (Early Access Phase): December 5-12, 2018

General Availability: December 12, 2018

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar.

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.DK for Resellers - Additional Update to .DK Terms and Conditions

Following the notice in our September newsletter about the alternative path for registering .DK domain names, registrars ( resellers) who opted for Method 2, validation of the registration through the .DK registry, you are now also required include the text below in your .DK terms and conditions. This text notifies .DK registrants that they have up to 4 days to enter into the agreement with DK Hostmaster or have their .DK registration revoked.

"Your application for the specified .dk domain name will be sent to DK Hostmaster A/S. DK Hostmaster A/S will contact you per email to enter into an agreement on the right to use the domain name according to the terms and conditions that apply hereto. This is a condition for becoming registrant of the domain name. Please note that you must enter into the agreement no later than 4 days after you received the email from DK Hostmaster.

In this context, you agree, pursuant to Section 18 (2) (13) of the Danish Consumer Contract Act, to renounce the right to withdraw from the agreement on the right to use the specified .dk domain name. Furthermore, you give your consent for DK Hostmaster A/S, as domain administrator, to use your personal data in accordance with its personal data policy."

.IS Failure Period Change

The Failure Period, also known as the renewal grace period, for .IS domains is now set to 29 days. This means a .IS registrant now has 29 days to renew their suspended domain before it is deleted at the registry.

Chinese IDNs Now Available for .FASHION, .FIT and .YOGA

MMX registry has recently introduced availability of Chinese script IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) for the .FASHION, .FIT and .YOGA TLDs.

Price Increase for .BIZ
November 12, 2018

Neustar is increasing the price for .BIZ domains effective November 12, 2018. This price increase will apply to existing domains and new registrations, renewals and transfers from the effective date.

The following .BIZ price changes will take place in our system November 12, 2018.

  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from 16.05 (net price: 13.49) to 17.29* (net price: 14.53) USD/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from 14.86* (net price: 12.49) to 16.10* (net price: 13.53) USD/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from 13.55* (net price: 11.39) to 14.79* (net price: 12.43) USD/Domain/Year

  • Price Increase for .COLGONE/.KOELN
    January 1, 2019

    There will be a price increase for .COLOGNE / .KOELN domains effective January 1, 2019. This price increase will apply to existing domains and new registrations, renewals and transfers from the effective date.

    The following .COLGONE / .KOELN price changes will take place in our system January 1, 2019.

  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from 11.31* (net price:: 9.50) to 14.28* (net price:: 12.00) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from 9.46* (net price:: 7.95) to 12.44* (net price:: 10.45) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from 8.69* (net price:: 7.30) to 11.66* (net price:: 9.80) EUR/Domain/Year

  • Price Increase for Donuts DPML, Additional Features
    January 1, 2019

    As of January 1st, 2019, Donuts will be increasing their pricing for DPML. Customers can continue to create and renew DPML subscriptions for up to 10 years at current pricing up until January 1, 2019, and will still gain access to the full suite of features that DPML provides.

    DPML Create Increase as follows:

  • Reseller Price Class: Increased to 6,664.00* (net price: 5,600.00) USD/Block/5 Year Registration
  • Premium Price Class: Increased to 6,545.00* (net price: 5,500.00) USD/Block/5 Year Registration
  • Platinum Price Class: Increased to 6,426.00* (net price: 5,400.00) USD/Block/5 Year Registration
  • DPML Renewal Increase as follows:

  • Reseller Price Class: Increased to 1,332.80* (net price: 1,120.00) USD/Block/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increased to 1,309.00* (net price: 1,100.00) USD/Block/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increased to 1,285.20* (net price: 1,080.00) USD/Block/Year
  • DPML now includes a homographic blocking feature, designed to protect current and future DPML subscribers from some of the world's most sophisticated and common phishing techniques. Homograph attacks are a type of phishing technique used by malicious actors. Their objective is to imitate brands and recognizable domain names through the use of IDN (Internationalised Domain Name) registrations.

    An example: say a malicious person wants to send out emails to Google users, to fool them into providing confidential account and credit card information. The source email address from the phisher might read, “info@gοοgle.com”. Note that the two O’s in the email address are actually Cyrillic characters. Hard to spot, unless you’re trained to look for it. Donuts' Homograph Protection Service will automatically enhance brand protection by preventing many of these vulnerable domains from getting into the hands of unscrupulous users.

    Price Increase for .WIEN
    January 1, 2019

    There will be a price increase for .WIEN domains effective January 1, 2019. This price increase will apply to existing domains and new registrations, renewals and transfers from the effective date.

    The following .WIEN price changes will take place in our system January 1, 2019.

  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from 35.11* (net price:: 29.50) to 41.06* (net price:: 34.50) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from 30.35* (net price:: 25.50) to 36.30* (net price:: 30.50) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from 26.78* (net price:: 22.50) to 32.73* (net price:: 27.50) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Restore Pricing: Increasing from 95.20* (net price:: 80.00) to 107.10* (net price:: 90.00) EUR/Domain/Year

  • Premium Domains

    .CO Premium Tier Updates

    Effective September 1, 2018, Neustar updated its premium pricing structure for .CO domains. The current 5 tiers were replaced by 12 new, different tiers. Existing premium domains and domains that are now premium will keep their current price (with standard renewal) until they expire or are deleted. Registrants should ensure that their domains are not deleted or they may need to pay the new premium price to re-register them.

    Please note that there are no third level domains that will be available for registration via the Tiered Pricing model at this time. You can view complete pricing details from within your account pricing schedule.

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