Example of .NET Owners:

Why .NET: Top 3 Benefits

  1. Credible. Validate your business with a strong TLD since the beginning of the Internet.
  2. Recognized as the popular domain name for networking and technology fields.
  3. Be confident. Popular for more than 15 years, .net will always help your website get found easily.

What is .NET?
The .NET top-level domain (TLD) is one of the original six domain extensions released in 1985 and is the second most popular domain extension after ".COM" . The name '.net', comes from "network" for anyone involved in networking or network infrastructures, technologies or eCommerce.
For the past 15 years .net has provided 100% online reliable service to users, and continues to align businesses with a widely recognized domain name to assure their presence within a network field.
.NET is one of the many TLDs that managed by Afilias. Other supported TLD's by Afilias are: .com , .info , .org , and .aero . Register yours today!