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.AU eligibility Verification Services

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This Schedule is governed by and subject to the Master Service Agreement or Reseller Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Key-Systems GmbH ("Service Provider") and customer ("Customer"). Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, Service Provider will provide to Customer the Services as described below. Customer agrees to the terms of this Schedule and agrees to pay the fees as provided in this Schedule for each Order of Services included in this Schedule. The term of this Schedule shall run concurrently with the Term of the Agreement unless terminated earlier.

1) As part of the Registrar obligations to AuDA, when a Natural Person submits an application to register or renew a .AU Domain Name, Service Provider is required to validate (a) the residential address if the Person is a Natural Person; and (b) an identifier issued by an Australian, State or Territory Government authority. (see https://www.auda.org.au/policy/au-domain-administration-rules-registrar )

The following forms of identification are accepted:

2) AuDA requires Service Provider to ensure the details provided by the Registrant are an exact match to the data contained in a Reliable and Independent Electronic data record or a valid identity document; and to reject the application if there is no exact match.

3) Service Provider carries out the verification process through an independent third party supplier, Verifi Identity Services Limited (‘Verifi’), operating under license of the Australian government to access the Document Verification Service (DVS) database to validate the document details provided by the Customer.

4) Customer understands that any lookup performed through the third party supplier is a chargeable operation, regardless of whether the validation request is successful or not.

5) It is the responsibility of the Customer to pre-verify that the data submitted is correct. In particular, Customer must ensure all documents details provided are correct and the address provided is the official residential address of the Registrant.

To ensure compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and with its own obligations towards agreement with the third party supplier the Service Provider requires that the Customer MUST obtain informed written or electronic consent of the person whose data is being verified to the collection, processing of the Registration Data by both Service Provider and the third party supplier by either obtaining a declaration of consent in writing or by implementing a check-box that the Registrant user must actively select. Both methods must be accompanied by the text:

“I confirm that I am authorised to provide the personal details presented and I consent to my information being passed to and checked with the document issuer, official record holder, a credit bureau and authorised third parties for the purpose of verifying my identity and address.”

In any case, the Reseller must keep sufficient evidence of such consent and ensure that evidence of this consent can be provided to Service Provider upon request.

6) A verified contact maintains its “verified” status for 180 days after the successful verification. Once the Registration Data of a prospective Registrant has been successfully verified, it can be used for an unlimited number of Registrations, Owner changes andRenewals of .AU domains for which the Registrant is eligible during the period the “verified” status is active.

7) Once the “verified” status has expired, the Registrant will need to request a new verification of the Registration Data in order to continue to register, take over the ownership or renew .AU Domain Names.

8) It is the exclusive responsibility of the Registrant to ensure they meet all eligibility and verification requirements imposed by AuDA and to demonstrate that fact. Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses, damages or other claims resulting from the deletion of Domain Names where the Registrant has failed to demonstrate its eligibility.