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Get your .UK Domain - The New Shorter and Sharper .UK Domain

.UK officially launched on June 10. Anyone can now register .uk domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, please note that for the new second-level .UK domain either the registrant or the administrative contact must be located and/or have a valid address with a country code of GB, GG, JE or IM. The use of a PO Box is not allowed. These requirements do not apply to third-level domain names (e.g. .CO.UK).

.UK Trustee Service - For Customers Outside of the UK.

Those interested in this exciting new .UK domain without a local address can use HEXONET's Trustee-Service, which will satisfy the local presence requirement.

Pricing - 3.57* (net price: 3.00) GBP per Domain / Year (.UK is billed on an annual basis only - no monthly billing)


A Friendly Reminder about Nominet Registry's New Data Quality Policy

As previously announced, a new data policy is now in place with any .UK registration (2nd and 3rd Level).  When the .UK domain registration is submitted to the registry, if the .UK registry can not validate the registrant name and/or the registrant address the domain within 30 days, the domain will be suspended. Subsequently, if the registrant name and/or registrant address can not be validated within 30 days of the suspension period, then the domain will be deleted by the registry.

Please note that .UK domain awaiting validation will show the following in the whois: 
" Data validation: Registrant name and address awaiting validation "

HEXONET also makes it easy for our customers and resellers to know if a .UK domain has been validated or not.  To check whether your .UK registration has been validated, please login to the Control Panel and navigate to "Pending Tasks --> Registrant Verification". This policy affects new domain registrations as well as existing domain registrations that have been modified.

Since this is a new policy, all deletions have been postponed until September 22, 2014. A description of the validation process is available at, http://www.nominet.org.uk/uk-domain-names/about-domain-names/domain-lookup-whois/data-validation-status .