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Google Registry is bringing the much anticipated .APP TLD to market. Apps make the mobile world go ‘round, and now they have their own more secure home on the web: the .APP domain, the most relevant TLD for mobile apps. You can use your .APP name to showcase a unique and trustworthy destination, as a relevant download link, for deep linking, or for sharing screenshots, release notes, and reviews.

Please note that registrants of .APP domains must be made aware that .APP is a secured namespace, meaning that .APP domain names require an SSL certificate to work. Websites using a .APP domain name can only be accessed by web browsers using HTTPS through an encrypted and secured connection.

HEXONET is pleased to announce that it will be offering preorders for .APP based on the schedule below:

Sunrise*: March 29 - May 1, 2018 (*Start-date Sunrise: all domain names will be registered on a First-Come-First-Serve basis)

EAP (Early Access Phase): May 1-8, 2018

General Availability: May 8, 2018

You will be able to access complete pricing details from within your account.