.ASIA Landrush coming up with 5 USD saving Skip to main.

While the allocation of .ASIA domains ordered during the Sunrise 2a phase is in progress, the Landrush period is coming up.

As of February 20, .ASIA will be available for the general public. Pre-register .ASIA Landrush domains for your customers now and save money: for all .ASIA Landrush domains pre-registered before February 20, you will receive a refund of 5 USD per domain.

Landrush domains can only be registered with a 2 years term. Per year we only charge

14.50 USD per domain in price class PLATINUM,
17.50 USD per domain in price class PREMIUM,
20.00 USD per domain in price class RESELLER.

For all registrants that need a CED contact, we also offer a so called trustee solution for only 10.00 USD per year.

Due to the registry, .ASIA represents a golden opportunity for individuals looking to invest in the most prestigious and potentially profitable cyber real estate in Asia. As in the Sunrise phase, domain names receiving more than one application during the Landrush period will be auctioned between the applicants in an equitable process that would encourage the adoption of the .ASIA domain.