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Threats to one's domain name and web site are not always intentional or malicious such as in the case of domain name theft. Often, accidental modifications made by other people with access to the domain (or sometimes by the domain owner him/herself) can result in serious problems.

For instance, several people within a company usually require access to a corporate domain name. A systems engineer might need domain access to change a domain's zone records to point it to a new server while the corporate email administrator might need access to a domain name to setup new mail servers for the company.

The problem is that one person might not necessarily understand the impact that their changes have on the rest of the company's systems. A systems engineer might change a domain's nameservers without realizing that it may lead to the company's email going down because existing MX records were deleted in the process.

As of these risks HeXoNet has developed and deployed the new product called "Domain Alert".

"Domain Alert" is an additional layer of security for the registrant. Upon making any changes to the following domain settings:

an email will automatically be sent to the registrant asking the registrant to confirm these changes by clicking on the respective link in the email. The confirmation page is under and will be kept neutral.

"Domain Alert" can be applied to existing domains and the registration period of "Domain Alert" is automatically synced to the expiration date of the respective domain, or "Domain Alert" can be registered with every newly registered domain.

The annual price for "Domain Alert" is 4.95 EUR.

We have created "Domain Alert" logos which you are more than welcome to use. These can be found under