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Donuts and Rightside new gTLDs

There are now over 17 million new gTLD domain names registered and many registrants are forgetting to renew or simply letting value domain names expire. HEXONET is one of the first to launch backorder services for all Donuts and Rightside TLDs ( over 200 TLDs ). 

HEXONET's high performance domain backordering service intelligently monitors expiring domains on behalf of our resellers. Less than a second after a domain becomes available, HEXONET attempts to secure and register the domain for assignment to a reseller. When compared to other backordering systems in the market for speed, reliability, and success rate, the winner is clear.

Key Features:

As you know many new registries introduced "Premium" priced domains.  We are pleased to announce that as of June 1, 2016 HEXONET will additionally support "Premium" Domain Backorders for Donuts and Rightside TLDs with individual pricing.  Please check pricing prior to submitting the backorder. 

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.TOP Backorders

Backorders for standard .TOP domain names start June 1, 2016.  With .TOP now ranking as the second largest new gTLD globally, expiring .TOP domain names will be valuable.  Please check our website for pricing details on .TOP Backorders as well as  the launch of .TOP Premium Domain Backroders soon -