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Your Passion, Your .Club Domain!

Even though the concept of "social networking" has recently become relevant, the reality is that people have always been social, even before the advent of the Internet.  Being a member in a small, medium, and large group is part of our DNA.  Our "club" is who we are, its part our identity.  And this is why the new Top-Level-Domain .CLUB is going to be a very popular domain name to own.

.Club is different and better than the traditional TLDs of .com, .net, and etc.  The original TLDs were created to put registrants into a specific "club" without choice.  One for businesses, one for network operators, and another for large organizations, which often made it difficult to know where one fits. This is exactly where .CLUB is different and better, because you, the registrant, decides the club, and you can even name it!

"Become a Member" is the Power of .CLUB:

"Fishing.club" to "newyorkrunners.club" is so simple and understandable to anyone, since it eloquently says "join us".  This power of extending membership in a single domain name is the real value of owning a .CLUB domain.  Even HEXONET is already looking at creating a number of HEXONET "clubs" using a number of .CLUB domain names.

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