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Donuts and Rightside TLD backorders have been available since May 1, 2016.  And over the past months, HEXONET has successfully secured many valuable expired domains for our customers including high-value premium domain names. With over 24 million new gTLD domain names registered the past couple of years, many are now are expiring so the opportunity is right now to obtain previously registered domain names. The newest new gTLD backorder added by HEXONET is .CLUB, which is one of the most successful TLDs in recent history.

.CLUB is the ideal domain extension for the social world we live in. The Internet has connected us in ways we never dreamed. Everyday, communities and groups are forming around every imaginable interest. Whether a tribe of two or two thousand, there’s never been a better, easier time for people to come together around a common passion. A .CLUB domain name immediately tells the world it's a place where people who share a common interest can meet, whatever their passion may be.

Over 815,000 .CLUB domain names have been registered since launch, making it one of the best selling new gTLDs. It is now ranked #5 among all the new gTLDs (source: ntldstats.com). Furthermore, this TLD has over 96,000 live sites and over 200,00 unique registrations, key metrics for gauging the success and value of any new gTLD.  The .CLUB new gTLD has evolved into a truly global brand.

HEXONET's high performance domain backordering service intelligently monitors expiring domains on behalf of our resellers. Less than a second after a domain name becomes available, HEXONET attempts to secure and register the domain for assignment to a reseller. When compared to other backordering systems in the market for speed, reliability, and success rate, HEXONET is one of the leaders.  Don't pass up this great opportunity to place your backorders for .CLUB domains!

To learn more: https://www.hexonet.net/backorders