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.AU Domain Name Changes and Information Starting March 1, 2017

Starting March 1st, 2017, HEXONET will have a new provider for .AU domain names. This switch resolves minor issues with .AU domain names we have been experiencing and is expected to have little or no impact on most resellers and clients.

The .AU transition will take place in two steps:

PHASE 1 – Changes for .AU Domain Names:

1. OTE is Available for .AU in new system. However, transfers and trades are not available.

2. .AU Domain Trade Email/Fax Procedure where resellers are required to provide their registrants a link to the non-branded .AU trade PDF form at when submitting a trade. For the convenience of your customers, Resellers will have the option to provide a pre-filled PDF version of the .AU trade form by following the instructions on this help page. Please keep in mind that registrants (losing and gaining) need to print, sign, and fax or email the .AU trade form to our neutral non-branded email address or fax for processing Email at: [email protected] or Fax at: +49 6841 6984 299

3. Domain Ownership Certificate as required by auDA policy, with each new .AU domain registration or each .AU domain trade, the new owner will receive an email with an attached auDA certificate of ownership (PDF).

4. .AU Domain Trade vs. Domain Modify Rules - whenever an X-AU flag is changed, this requires the use of the TradeDomain command. Please note that a TradeDomain command with a changing X-AU flag also requires the submission of a registrant contact handle at the same time. In the special case where a registrant contact handle is changed only this can be done with a ModifyDomain command.

5. X-AU-REGISTRANT-ID-TYPE Values - Previously, ABN, ACN, RBN or TM were accepted for X-AU-REGISTRANT-ID-TYPE. Please note that RBN will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED going forward. Business names using state and territory services were phased out in 2012.

6. .AU Domain Transfer Notes - Contact handles are no longer required for a transfer request. Also, the registrant transfer confirmation email and the respective online form will have small changes including a different registrar name.

7. .AU Domain Transfers with Period = 2 not Accepted - The default transfer period (if no dedicated period is provided with a transfer request) was 0 and will remain 0 on the new system. Though previously a period = 2 was accepted, going forward, a period = 2 is not longer accepted with a .AU transfer. Either do not provide a period or provide period = 0. Please note that an .AU domain name can be renewed after a transfer.

8. .AU Domain Name Life Cycle - The Renewal Finalization Period will remain unchanged at -1d (.AU domains set to AUTORENEW will be automatically renewed 1 day prior to the expiration date). The Renewal Failure Period will be adjusted a day from +30 to +29 days (.AU domains set to AUTODELETE OR AUTOEXPIRE will be automatically removed from our system 29 days after the expiration date). The Deletion Restorable Period will be adjusted from +3d to +1d (any explicitly deleted or auto-deleted / auto-expired .AU domain can be restored until 30 days after the expiration date).

9. .AU Nameserver / Host Management - Nameservers will now be managed as an OBJECT and not as an ATTRIBUTE. A minimum of 2 nameservers are now required for .AU domain names (previously: 0). Use and assignment of child nameservers (requiring ownership of the parent .AU domain) first requires the creation of each nameserver object with the AddNameserver command and desired IP address.