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Quickly and easily activate Whois Privacy (WhoisTrustee and WhoisTrustee Lite) and/or "Domain Alert" for any domain, with a few clicks, from the domain list.  It is also that easy for your customers to activate thesse highly desirable value added services.


With WHOISTrustee, all WHOIS information is completely masked from the public. Registrants retain full control over their domain and have fully access to modify their domain at anytime.

Emails sent to [email protected] are automatically forwarded to the original email address [email protected] ensuring the customer receives all communication about their domain name.


WHOISTrustee-Lite functions exactly the same way WHOISTrustee works except for the email address. With WHOISTrustee-Lite all identity related information is replaced in full. Only the owner-email remains unmasked.  Below is an example of WHOISTrustee-Lite.

WhoisTrustee & WhoisTrustee Lite can be activated for the following TLDs: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME, .CC, CentralNIC TLDs, .LA, .TV, .FM, and .ME, as well as, .AG, com.AG, net.AG, org.AG, nom.AG, co.AG, .BZ, com.BZ, net.BZ, .LC, com.LC, net.LC, org.LC, co.LC, .MN, .SC, com.SC, net.SC, org.SC, .VC, com.VC, net.VC, org.VC, .CO, com.CO, net.CO, nom.CO, .SO, com.SO, net.SO, org.SO

Domain Alert:

Add high security to any domain.  Resellers can easily resell this profitable add-on service.  Get notified IMMEDIATELY whenever any of the following settings or data changes:

Upon any change to the above settings or data an email is sent to the registrant to CONFIRM the changes.  Confirmation is done through a neutral link in the email which routes registrants to  Domain Alert has been kept non-branded so that resellers and resell the service. 

Domain Alert can quickly and easily be used with any new or existing domain.  The Domain Alert service automatically synchronizes itself with the expiration date of the domain it is associated with, even at registration time with new domains.

The annual price for "Domain Alert" is 5.89 (net price: 4.95) EUR and can be used with the following TLDS: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, and .BIZ

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