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CZ.NIC has published new Registration Rules as of 2010-01-01

This is an official notice to inform all resellers that as of January 1st, 2010 "Registration Rules" for the .CZ TLD will change. The new CZ.NIC Rules can already be viewed here (HEXONET GmbH) and here (HEXONET Services Inc.).

.CZ Price Reduction

We are pleased to announce a tremendous reduction in .CZ domain prices. As of January 5th, 2010 the following new .CZ Prices will apply:

.PL - Major Price Drop

Starting immediately, the following price reductions apply for .PL and Third-Level .PL domains. Please note the negative setup discount is only applicable to one year or the first year of a multiple year registration.

.PL & IDN .PL Domains:

First Year Registrations:

Regular Registration and Renewals:

Third-Level .PL (functional) and Third-Level IDN .PL Domains:

First Year and One Year Registrations:

Regular Registration and Renewals: