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HEXONETs DOMAIN BACKORDERING service allows Internet resellers, startups, ISPs, and individuals to compete for highly valuable country code TLDs, some worth millions, as they expire. Though most of the good .COM, .NET, and .ORG domains have been seized, the market for expiring country code domains like .CA and .DE are just beginning.

Success in the backordering game is all about speed and operational knowledge. HEXONET´s platform is the perfect marriage of both ingredients. First, the platform leverages the company´s renown high performance, high powered, and highly reliable global infrastructure to ensure industry leading backordering speed. Second, over a decade of ccTLD registry knowledge has been embedded in the technology to take advantage of every opportunity to be first in line to grab expiring domains. No company or backorder service on the market has the combined expertise and platform performance being delivered by HEXONET´s new backordering service.

To start, HEXONET customers will be able to backorder the standard .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO & .MOBI domains and the ccTLDs of .US, .SE and .DE, but by June of this year HEXONET will be adding many more ccTLDs.


Pricing (includes the registration for the domain for its minimal registration period)

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