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Domain Names are an extremely important part of digital business. With the introduction of new TLDs, Asia and in particular China, has been a place of incredible growth and activity for the industry. DOMAINfest @ IoN.Asia will be four days of great keynotes, panels, networking and more.  Hosted by industry leaders Edmon Chung, (CEO of DotAsia), Jothan Frakes (Co-Founder of DOMAINfest and NamesCon), and Simon Cousins (CEO and renowned Chinese domain expert of Allegravita) DOMAINfest will be the premier domain event in Asia. The conference will focus on networking and opportunities around domains with a specific focus on the Chinese market and consumer.

DOMAINFest Asia will be a great opportunity for learning and for networking. HEXONET is a proud sponsor. If you are interested in meeting with us, please contact: [email protected]