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On October 1, 2009, HEXONET made .HK, Hong Kong, available to our resellers. We want to thank our resellers for your overwhelming interest in .HK!

Registration Prices of .HK (www.example.HK):

RESELLER: 297.50 (net: 250.00) HKD per domain/year
PREMIUM: 291.55 (net: 245.00) HKD per domain/year
PLATINUM: 279.65 (net: 235.00) HKD per domain/year

Transfer Prices:

Please note that HKNIC, the official registry operator of .HK, applies a transfer fee of 595.00 (net: 500.00) HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) for every transfer, which is the responsibility of the reseller. Transfers can be initiated via authorization code.

RESELLER: 595.00 (net: 500.00) HKD + 297.50 (net: 250.00) HKD per successful transfer
PREMIUM: 595.00 (net: 500.00) HKD + 291.55 (net: 245.00) HKD per successful transfer
PLATINUM: 595.00 (net: 500.00) HKD + 279.65 (net: 235.00) HKD per successful transfer

Hong Kong Statistics and Information: