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As we have previously mentioned, on July 1st, 2018, any website viewed on Google Chrome that does not have an SSL certificate will receive a pop up, upon visitation, claiming it is not a secure site. With this coming development, we expect to see a major change in how consumers interact with their online navigation and purchases. With easy setup and prices starting as low as $11.90 USD, HEXONET has SSL certificate options for all your online needs and to keep you at the forefront of these changes.

For more information about the recommended SSL certificates available at HEXONET, visit our blog: SSL Certificates - Where to Start

Top Reasons to Purchase an SSL Certificate for Your Website

Security and Trust: An SSL certificate not only helps you secure and encrypt your customers' data, it also proves to your customers that you care about their online protection and that you have taken steps to ensure they are safe while browsing your website. Add an extra layer of trust between you and your customers, and stand out immediately against any competitors that may not have yet added SSL to their site.

SEO Benefits: An SSL certificate helps you gain trust from Google. Following all other SEO best practices, including site optimization, new quality content, and market research, an SSL certificate will help boost your ranking and ensure that your SEO efforts are rewarded.

Increased Conversions: There are multiple studies that point to a boost in conversions when a website adds an SSL certificate. Customers claim that they feel better about providing their credit card information and other personal information when they see the HTTPS, padlock and green bar in the address bar. Think about how you would feel providing your personal information to a website that is labeled as "not secure".

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