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Based on a policy update at the registry, we will no longer be charging for the .NL Trustee functionality as of October 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 CEST. The official registry of .NL - SIDN - has made modifications towards their policies, that went into effect on October 2nd, 2009.

"Registrants outside the Netherlands are to be allowed to use SIDN's registered office address as a domicile address"

As of October 2nd, 2009, 12:00 CEST, the following changes will go into effect:

  1. The .NL Domain Policies (/legal/service-agreements) will be extended by the new .NL Trustee Terms and Conditions as outlined by SIDN.
  2. Any .NL Domains that currently use our Trustee, will automatically get replaced with the new Trustee address and this service will no longer get billed.
The procedure for registering .NL domains through the Control Panel or API will remain the same, as you will still need to explicitly agree to the new .NL Trustee Terms and Conditions. The only difference will be that you will no longer get billed for this service. It is FREE!

The respective parameter for enabling the trustee service for an .NL domain over API is