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The .IT registry has introduced new fax forms which have to be used from the 1st of November.

We are proud to introduce a .IT FORM GENERATOR. You can generate .IT forms for new registrations, transfers (without a change of ownership), and a change of ownership for domains on your account. Furthermore the registration contract can now be sent to the fax server of our registrar Key-Systems and will be forwarded automatically to Nic.IT. The contracts for transfers and change of ownership needs still to be sent directly to Nic.IT. You have several possibilities to access the form generator:

Required Parameters:
Optional Parameters:
If the Registrant is an individual person (registration, transfer, ownerchange) you can provide the following data:
Registrants born in Italy have to specify the italian province code. Registrants not born in Italy have to state the country code.

You can provide the old maintainer for the transfer form: If the new Registrant is an individual person (ownerchange) you can provide:
If these optional parameters are not stated during the fax generation process the customer has to add them handwritten.

Other optional parameters are:
If neither width nor height is specified, the logo is rendered in 72 dpi.