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NewTLDs are here!  Over the past few weeks, resellers and clients have already been submitting Sunrise registrations for several of the newTLDs.  With more newTLDs launching in the coming weeks and months ahead, keeping track of what and when has been difficult for everyone.  HEXONET is greatly simplifying the newTLD launches by introducing the weekly Tuesday release schedule.  This means that if it is Tuesday, more newTLDs could be available for registration! Please keep in mind that every registry is different and that their dates are moving targets, so on some Tuesdays there may be many while other Tuesdays there may be few or even none.

HEXONET will also be maintaining a newTLD calendar at our website ( for those who wish to plan ahead or want to find more detail about a particular newTLD.  Please check the website often as updates will be made on a regular basis.  Additionally, for pricing information please log in to the control panel and navigating to "Manage Account > My Account > Prices".

TLDs launched thus far:



































































Charleston Road Registry (Google)

.XN--Q9JYB4C (dotMINNA / .みんな)


On January 28th, 2014 we will be launching the following TLDs:

.COFFEE (Donuts)

.FLORIST (Donuts)

.HOUSE (Donuts)


.MENU (Wedding TLD2)

.RUHR (Regiodot)

.SOLAR (Donuts)

.UNO (Dot Latin LLC)

.在线 (dotChinese Online) - TLDRegistry

.中文网 (dotChinese Website) - TLDRegistry


In Process - Available Shortly:


Pricing Information: 

No longer will pricing for the newTLDs be posted in the monthly newsletter.  Please refer to our website at to obtain dates and pricing.

Payment of Fees and Deposits:

Please keep in mind that seven (7) days prior to the start date of Landrush or Go Live phases, deposits for your pre-registrations are processed.  If your account has insufficient funds to process the deposits, then some of your pre-registrations may not be submitted to the registry.  As always, deposits for unsuccessful domain pre-registration submissions will be immediately returned back to your account. 

Converting Expressions of Interest (EOI) into Domain Applications:

For customers and resellers with existing EOIs (Expression of Interest) at HEXONET, email notices with information about newTLD release dates will be sent inline with the respective newTLDs dates you are interested in.  Additionally, information on how to convert your EOIs into standard domain applications (or how to delete an EOI) will be provided.