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We are glad to announce the launch two new ccTLDs: .HN for Honduras and .LC for Saint Lucia.

HN domains can be managed similar to .INFO. There are no special restrictions, a local presence is not needed. Registrations are possible for a period of 1-10 years with an annual registration fee of 69 USD (in PLATINUM price class).

LC is a newly opened domain name registry. Therefore, a lot of interesting domain names are still available. LC can also uniquely represent "Limited Companies" (LC), such as company.LC. The extension is managed similar to .AG. The price for one year registrations is 65 USD (in PLATINUM price class).

Additonally to the second level, we also offer third level registrations at a rate of 69 USD for .HN and 50 USD for .LC domains. By now, the following extensions are available:, and, and