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Exciting news! ICANN has already reviewed over 1,100 new gTLD applications during its "Initial Evaluation" (IE) phase. To follow the complete IE phase at ICANN, simply go to the following link -

Along with the new gTLD evaluations, ICANN also concluded its 47th international meeting in Durban, South Africa. The biggest news coming out the event is that ICANN has signed Registry Agreements with the first four new gTLDs. Truly a historic moment for the Internet and the New gTLD program.  Delegation of these first new gTLDs is drawing nearer.

Four Signed Registry Agreements are:

  1. International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.'s - شبكة  (Arabic for "Web or Network")
  2. Core Association's - онлайн (Russian for "Online")
  3. Core Association's - сайт (Russian for "Web site")
  4. Spring Fields, LLC - 游戏 (Chinese for "Game")

HEXONET's NewTLD Expressions of Interest (EOI) service continues to see very strong demand from clients and resellers.  On July 8, 2013, nearly 200 more NewTLD EOIs were added and August 1, 2013, two more NewTLDs will be added:    

To view a complete list of the NewTLDs available in the HEXONET EOI system, please visit -