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HEXONET's Marketing Center

Just a reminder that reseller resources, including logos, banners, pdf files, and other promotional materials approved for resellers are available in HEXONET's Marketing Center.  To access the Marketing Center, please login to your account through the Control Panel and navigate to TOOLS > MARKETING CENTER.


NewTLD Marketing Resources

HEXONET has been working with many of the newTLD registries to obtain marketing materials that our resellers can use.  Starting April 1, 2014, a new section in the Marketing Center, under a new tab "NewTLDs", will be available.  Several newTLD registry's marketing resources will be posted.  In the coming weeks and months, additional registries and newer resources will also be added.  Check the Marketing Center frequently for updates and additions.


.CEO - Approved Marketing Materials

One of the registries that is wanting to work with HEXONET resellers is the .CEO registry.  They have provided logos, graphics, copy and guidelines for our resellers to use.  Again the full set of materials will be available starting April 1, 2014.  Below are a couple of sample copy you can use today!

According to the .CEO registry, there are TWO major reasons why you want to market .CEO.  The registry states that "more and more, CEOs are using their name and persona as the face to the company or brand. MyName.dotCEO gives them a great platform to do this."  Additionally, the registry expects higher renewal rates for dotCEO names compared to other newTLDs since CEOs are much more likely to want to maintain their site, especially if they build a network of users.