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HEXONET is pleased to announce the release of three .ORG IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) - .OPR (Cyrillic equivalent of .org), .机构 (Simplified Chinese equivalent of .org), .संगठन (Hindi equivalent of .org). 

.OPR: This new extension will help organisations and individuals promote their causes in native Russian Cyrillic script and make it easier to share information about their efforts in Russian and other Slavic-speaking markets. Russian Cyrillic is one of the most widely used alphabets in the world. Around 250-300 million people in Europe and Asia use it as the official alphabet in  their national language.

.机构: Approximately 1.4 billion people speak and write Chinese. The new .机构 domain extension will help make the Internet more user-friendly, encourage heightened communication, and serve as a useful branding tool for Chinese-speaking markets.

.संगठन: Nearly 497 million people speak Hindi as their first language with another 120 million people using Hindi as their second language. Maximize the reach to Hindi speaking supporters and promote good works in their native language by building a website on a .संगठन domain name.

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