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.CM Price Drop Promo


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Third-Level .CO Domains (com.CO, .net.CO and .nom.CO) 


.MOBI and Dot Chinese Mobile 移动 (xn--6frz82g) Price Discount 

The biggest areas of growth on the Internet has been on mobile devices.  Businesses today need to consider their online mobile strategy or be left behind.  A great place to start is domain names specifically for mobile users including .MOBI and the IDN 移动 (xn--6frz82g), Chinese for Mobile!


Promotion on new Color TLDs:  .RED, .BLUE, .PINK, .BLACK

Colors are universal and familiar to everyone.  Even from an early age we start to understand and connect certain colors with means of emotion, people, places, product and businesses.  This is how the new color TLDs work since they mean more than simple text of a domain name. A color new TLD can convey meaning beyond the words!



In Hindi, a language spoken or understood by nearly half a billion people worldwide, the word SHIKSHA means education or learning.  With the huge emphasis on training, studying and education among this user group, SHIKSHA domains naturally and directly lets them about the educational focus of your business or website.


.ME - PROMO - Make it Personal & get Your .ME Domain today - EXTENDED

Personalize and promote a domain that's all about .ME at an affordable price.

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.