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IDN.ASIA Pre-Registrations - Now Accepting!

dotASIA has already started accepting registrations for IDN.ASIA Sunrise Domains! The available IDN languages at launch are CHINESE (simplified and traditional), JAPANESE and KOREAN.  Please note that this IDN.ASIA registration process mirrors the highly successful ASCII .ASIA process.

Sunrise & Sunrise Auction Info:

Landrush & Landrush Auction Info:

Go-Live Info:

More information on the IDN.ASIA Launch: VIEW 


.XXX - Pre-Registrations OPEN

HEXONET's exclusive ICANN Accredited registrar, 1API, has recently initiated .XXX accreditation. 1API has received official confirmation of its accreditation subject to 1API executing the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

HEXONET is very pleased about the accreditation confirmation and truly believe that the .XXX extension will provide tremendous protections and benefits to the Internet. For consumers who wish to browse adult entertainment sites, it provides reassurance they are more protected from the risk of viruses, identity theft, credit card fraud and inadvertent exposure to child abuse images. It will also provide individuals and parents who wish to avoid adult entertainment sites the opportunity to filter out unwanted .XXX material. 

The Launch Periods of .XXX:

I. Sunrise

II. Landrush

II. Go-Live

Though no official date has been stated, Sunrise is estimated to be in September 2011.  More details will be provided as HEXONET receives information from the Registry. For more information, please visit ICM Registry.

More information on the .XXX Launch: VIEW 


Numeric .TEL Domains to Launch in 1 WEEK

.TEL is releasing highly valuable numeric domains to the public.  HEXONET has already started accepting pre-registrations for both Landrush (LR) and Go-Live (also known as General Availability - GA). Additionally, Telnic, the official registry for .TEL Domains, will also be releasing two-character ( or and numeric-only (from 2 to 7 digit length names with or without hyphens) domains.

Who Should Be Interested?

Exceptions NOT available for Registration:

Landrush & Landrush Auction Info:

Go-Live Info:

More information on the numeric .TEL domains: VIEW