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.XXX Has Launched in Sunrise and is going strong.

on September 7, 2011, the Adult Entertainment Industry's TLD, .XXX launched and started taking Sunrise applications.  According to the ICM Registry (the official registry operator of .XXX) the number of Sunrise applications thus far has exceeded all their expectations.  Sunrise is open until October 28, so apply now and get your .XXX domain.

The Launch Periods of .XXX:

I. Sunrise

II. Landrush

III. Go-Live

IMPORTANT BILLING NOTICE: HEXONET will start withdrawing DEPOSITS for Go LIVE starting November 29, 2011. These deposit deductions are only to reserve funds in case all your Pre-registrations are successful. Deposits will automatically be returned back to your reseller account if any Pre-registrations are not successful or if you delete it prior to the submission to the registry (for Go-Live 24 hours prior to the actual launch).

Go-Live applications deleted more than 24 hours prior launch are automatically refunded back to your reseller account. Please note, that Go-Live deletions are not permitted in the last 24 hours prior launch.

More information on the .XXX Launch: VIEW or view the WhitePaper on the Launch HERE. 

News and Information on .XXX:

Reminder:  IDN.ASIA Landrush closing soon!

Landrush for IDN.ASIA is only open until October 11, 2011.  Pre-registering your valuable IDN.ASIA domain is the best way of getting the domains you want..

Landrush & Landrush Auction Info:

Go-Live Info:

More information on the IDN.ASIA Launch: VIEW (Source: