Price Reductions and Product Updates for SSL Certificates Skip to main.

HEXONET has been working hard to update and improve our SSL certificate product line for our clients this past year. You asked for lower prices, so we have aggressively negotiated with our suppliers to substantially lower our SSL certificate prices. You asked for more types of SSL certificates, including SAN certificates, so we now offer nearly double, over thirty-three (33) types of certificates.

For customers using the Control Panel to order SSL certificates, we have also changed the way SSL certificates are ordered and activated. SSL certificates ordered through the Control Panel will follow a two-step process (instead of the very long form process of the past). SSL certificates are quickly and easily purchased through the cart WITHOUT CONFIGURATION. Then when you are ready to activate a purchased SSL certificate (within 14 days), simply login to your account, select the purchased SSL certificate, configure, and then activate. Please note that for API customers, the API commands and process is exactly the same - no changes.

If you have questions about the new lower prices and updated SSL certificate offerings, please contact support at [email protected]