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After many resellers requested WHOIS Privacy registration services, HEXONET is excited and happy to announce the availability of WHOISTrustee and WHOISTrustee-Lite.  Starting April 28, 2011, shielding and protecting the public WHOIS Data for a domain becomes simple and very cost effective.


With WHOISTrustee, all WHOIS information is completely masked from the public. Registrants retain full control over their domain and have fully access to modify their domain at anytime.

Real Contact Information  |  
WHOISTrustee Contact Data
owner-organization: Example Org Ltd.  | owner-organization: Registrant of MYDOMAIN.COM
owner-name: John Doe  | owner-name: c/o Limited
owner-street: Suite 1, my  | owner-street: Suite 3686, 24b Moorefield Road
owner-city: Homburg  | owner-city: Johnsonville
owner-state: Saarland  | owner-state: Wellington
owner-zip: 66424  | owner-zip: 6037
owner-country: DE  | owner-country: NZ
owner-phone: +49.6841 69840  | owner-phone: +64.0000
owner-fax:  | owner-fax:
owner-email: [email protected]  | owner-email: [email protected]

Emails sent to [email protected] are automatically forwarded to the original email address [email protected] ensuring the customer receives all communication about their domain name.


WHOISTrustee-Lite functions exactly the same way WHOISTrustee works except for the email address. With WHOISTrustee-Lite all identity related information is replaced in full. Only the owner-email remains unmasked.  Below is an example of WHOISTrustee-Lite.

owner-organization: Registrant of EXAMPLEDOMAIN.COM
owner-name: c/o Limited
owner-street: Suite 3686, 24b Moorefield Road
owner-city: Johnsonville
owner-state: Wellington
owner-zip: 6037
owner-country: NZ
owner-phone: +64.0000
owner-email: [email protected]

Reseller Pricing:

WHOISTrustee services are billed monthly. PLEASE NOTE that if your account balance is insufficient to renew the WHOISTrustee service for a particular domain, the real contact information for that domain will be revealed and show up on the public whois.

WHOISTrustee: 0.42* (net: 0.35) USD per Domain/Month
WHOISTrustee Lite: 0.21* (net: 0.18) USD per Domain/Month

TLDs Supported:
.COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME, .CC, CentralNIC TLDs, .LA, .TV, .FM and .ME.

Adding WHOISTrustee Services via the Control Panel (Available on April 28, 2011):

To start a new private domain registration please navigate to "Manage Products / Domains" and click on "Domain Admin / Register" to start a new registration. During the new registration process, on the page "Configure Domain Registrations", please select either the "Use WHOISTrustee Service and accept the WHOISTrustee Agreement" or "Use WHOISTrustee-Lite Service and accept the WHOISTrustee-Lite Agreement" to register with privacy protection.

To activate privacy for an existing domain, please navigate to "Manage Products / Domains" and click on "Domain Admin / Manage" to bring up a list of registered domains.  For any domain, click on "Registry Information" and the options "Use WHOISTrustee" and "Use WHOISTrustee-Lite" will display.

Adding WHOISTrustee Services via API (Available Now!):

a. Register a New Domain with WHOISTrustee:

command = AddDomain
domain =
x-accept-whoistrustee-tac = 1

b. Register a New Domain with WHOISTrustee-Lite:

command = AddDomain
domain =
x-accept-whoistrusteelite-tac = 1

c. Activate WHOISTrustee for an Existing Domain:

command = ModifyDomain
domain =
x-accept-whoistrustee-tac = 1

d. Activate WHOISTrustee-Lite for an Existing Domain:

command = ModifyDomain
domain =
x-accept-whoistrusteelite-tac = 1

Adding WHOISTrustee Services via WHMCS and AWBS:

Only WHOISTrustee (full privacy registration) is available with WHMCS and AWBS (WHOISTrustee-Lite not available). The latest modules that include WHOISTrustee are below:

Should you have any additional questions with respect to this new service, please visit our WIKI at or contact our Support at [email protected].  Additional information is available at the Limited site at