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As of October 1st, 2009 at 12:00 CEST you will be able to register .RU domains for individuals. Currently, .RU domains can only be registered by organizations.

In order to enable .RU for individuals we have made some minor modifications, as we are requested to provide the registry with an individual identification number (ID card, passport, etc.).

Changes in the HEXONET Control Panel:
Going forth, if you wish to register a .RU domain for an individual, you must mark a checkbox that you explicitly agree to the .RU Domain Policies, as well as identify additional fields, such as "Identification/Passport Number" and "Date of Birth".

If you wish to register a .RU domain for an individual through API, kindly add these additional parameters to the AddDomain API command:


Modification to the .RU Domain Policies to include the following paragraph:
The customer is aware that the official .RU registry registration policy requires all individuals to provide identification (i.e. passport numbers) to register a .RU domain. In processing .RU domain registrations through HEXONET, the customer explicitly authorizes HEXONET to transmit this information to the registry on the customer's behalf in the fulfillment of .RU registration policy and the registration of domain names.

The customer in submitting a .RU domain registration through HEXONET explicitly agrees to indemnify HEXONET against any and all liability, loss, damages and legal costs in the transmission of identification information, understanding that HEXONET deletes identification information from all its systems immediately after transmission. The customer understands and accepts that the .RU registry may choose to store identification information along with other registration data on their own accord and completely independent from HEXONET.