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.ASIA - Charter Eligibility Simplified

DotAsia Organisation Ltd., the registry operator for .ASIA has announced that its CED (Charter Eligibility Declaration ) requirement policies for .ASIA have been updated. The local requirements that previously required an address in the Asia-Pacific region for domain registrations are no longer mandatory as of July 15, 2017. With this updated policy, entities without a pre-existing address or registered ID wishing for to establish a relationship or presence in Asia, can now easily register a .ASIA domain name without this restriction.


.CO Deletion Restorable Period - Extended to 30 days

The .CO Registry is synchronizing its redemption period for second and third-level .CO domains to align with most gTLD registries.  The current 15 day redemption period is changing to 30 days effective August 1, 2017.


Premium Domains

Changes to MMX premium domains:


1) Premium Name Renewals

All premium names sold on or after August 22, 2017 (16:00 UTC) will renew at the .BAYERN standard rate. Any premium name registrations prior to August 22, 2017 (15:59 UTC ) will continue to maintain the existing premium renewal rates.

2) Revised Premium Name Lists

.BAYERN reserved and premium domains have undergone a substantial review to adjust existing prices, with the goal of aggressively pushing these domains through the registrar channel. As part of the effort, a large number of previously unpriced and premium priced names have been moved to the .BAYERN standard price model.


The changes outlined below will take effect on August 22, 2017 (16:00 UTC). Existing pricing has been adjusted: a number of previously unpriced and premium priced names are being moved to a standard price. In addition, for those unsold domains where prices are being increased, the registry operator MMX will immediately reserve those domains and re-release them with the new prices on the date listed above. Please note there are no changes to the existing premium tiers.


As of Juy 18, 2017 , all new .LONDON premium domain registrations are now at Premium Price, Regular Renewal.  Any premium domain registered prior to July 18, will remain Premium Price, Premium Renewal.

Revised Premium Name Lists:

.LONDON reserved and premium domains have undergone a full review to adjust existing prices with the goal to aggressively push these domains through the registrar channel. Included in this effort are a number of previously unpriced and premium priced names being moved to the .LONDON standard price model.


.SITE, .ONLINE, .STORE: Updates to Premium Lists

On July 17th, 2017, some domain names were removed from the list or moved to a lower premium tier.  This September 14, 2017, some additional domain names will be added to the premium list or moved to a higher premium tier.


.TUBE Premium Domains - Effective September 26, 2017

Release of previously reserved names

.TUBE will be releasing thousands of previously reserved names that will be available for the general public on a first come/ first serve basis. Many of these names will be released at premium pricing, and others at standard pricing.

New, Lower Tiered Pricing

.TUBE will be lowering the price of thousands of premium domains by moving them into lower tiers. Many domain names previously in premium tiers will be released into standard GA pricing.


FFM Premium Domains

Famous Four Media has added 3 extra tiers for its premium priced TLDs for the following TLDs: .ACCOUNTANT, .BID, .CRICKET, .DATE, .DOWNLOAD, .FAITH, .LOAN, .MEN, .PARTY, .RACING, .REVIEW, .SCIENCE, .STREAM, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .WIN. Depending on the tier, pricing ranges from 37,725.00 USD (net price: 27,500.00) to 124,950 USD (net price: 105,000).


CentralNic: Pricing Changes for Select TLDs

The following changes will take place in our system August 1, 2017.

.CN.COM: Changes to registration and renewal pricing. Lower registration cost; higher renewal cost:


.CX transfer prices:

.AM.RADIO & .FM.RADIO Restore Pricing:


.TV Price Increase

The following changes will take place in our system September 1, 2017.


Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions about the changes outlined above.