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Premium Domains and Premium Renewal Pricing via API

Support for premium domains renewals has been implemented at HEXONET.  Please note that the commands below do not affect Non-premium domains and those remain unchanged by this update.

Premium domain names now are subject to a premium renewal price tag and will now  require an additional parameter for explicit RenewDomain and PayDomainRenewal requests.  This implementation is to prevent accidential renewals at higher premium domain name prices. The parameter 'CLASS' must match the price class of the respective premium domain (ie. for both RenewDomain and PayDomainRenewal):



Premium Renewal Pricing Control Panel

Premium domain renewal pricing can now also be reviewed through the Control Panel.  To enable the Premium Domains renewal pricing via cotnrol panel, please proceed as follows:


.NET Price Increase - February 1, 2015

VeriSign announced an increase to the annual price of .NET domains starting February 1, 2015.


.CO.ZA Price Increase - March 1, 2015

The ZA Central Registry announced an increase to the annual price of .CO.CA Domains starting March 1, 2015


.INFO Price Increase - May 1, 2015

Afilias announced an increase to the annual price of .INFO domains starting May 1, 2015.


New VAT (Value-Added-Tax) rules for Europe Starting January 1, 2015

In the past, any individual/corporation who did not have a valid VAT ID. Nr. was charged by the German VAT value of 19%.  However, as of January 1st, 2015, any customer or reseller within the EU, who does not have a valid VAT ID Nr. will get charged thier local VAT percentage (subject to the VAT value of your country of origin when purchasing domains).

More detailed information on this topic can be found at