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Registrant Verification Emails for Canadian Residents:

Registrant Verification Emails for gTLD registrants based in Canada will now be sent in English and French. As a reminder, ICANN stipulates that as a Registrant of a domain name, any changes to the registrant name or email address on an existing domain name requires the new contact information to be verified.  For new registrations, only the email address must be verified.  And please note that without timely verification (15 days) of the email address or modified contact information, management of the domain name may be restricted or the domain name will stop resolving after its respective Verification Deadline Date.


.NET Price Increase - February 1, 2016

Verisign announced an increase to the annual price of .NET domains starting February 1, 2016


.UK Price Increase - March 1, 2016

Nominet recently announced a price increase to their fee schedule starting March 1, 2016.  In addition, Nominet will no longer support differentiated pricing between a 1- and 2-year registration.  As of March 1, 2016, the new pricing will be as follows:

HEXONET recommends renewing any domains ahead of this price increase.  .UK domains can be renewed now or at any point in the future.  Renewals can be for 1 to 9 years.  


Premium Domains

HEXONET is pleased to announce the availability of Premium Domain Names for several new gTLDs.


.TOP releases support for 6 additional IDNs.

As of January 26, customers of HEXONET are able to register the following additional IDNs under .TOP:  Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German and Russian.


* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.