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New .VIP Pricing Announcement

The registry is lowering the price of .VIP for General Availability.  The new pricing has been applied to those customers who already have pre-registrations in their accounts.

New Pricing details:

General Availability commences May 17, 2016. Be sure to take advantage of this fantastic pricing at:


.VIP General Availability EXTRA PROMO

On top of the new lower price for .VIP at General Availability, HEXONET is happy to offer a further GA promotion:


.GAME Launch Udpate

Uniregistry has announced changes for the launch of .GAME.  With the ending of its original Sunrise Period, the registry will be subsequently holding an additional 13-day Limited Registration Period (Extended Sunrise). The Limited Registration period will follow the same rules as a typical Start-Date Sunrise period. Trademark owners participating in the TMCH can submit applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that Uniregistry will allocate existing pending Sunrise applications (submitted during August 6 - October 5, 2015) on May 2, 2016 at 16:00 UTC, prior to the Limited Registration Period - Extended Sunrise.

New pricing details:  Please note that Uniregistry has changed their pricing structure for .GAME domains. There will be 2 pricing tiers.

Tier 1 (Standard domain names with standard renewal pricing)

  • Reseller: 571.20* (net price: 480.00) USD/Year
  • Premium 499.80* (net price: 420.00) USD/Year
  • Platinum 446.25* (net price: 375.00) USD/Year

Tier 2 (Premium domain names with premium renewal pricing)

  • Reseller: 2,261.00* (net price: 1,900.00) USD/Year
  • Premium 2,082.50* (net price: 1,750.00) USD/Year
  • Platinum 1,892.10* (net price: 1,590.00) USD/Year

 New Launch Dates:

  • Extended Sunrise (13 days): May 3-16, 2016
  • Early Access Period (7 days): May 17-24, 2016
  • Non-EAP General Availability: May 24, 2016

WHOISTrustee Service for .UK Domains

Starting May 1, 2016, HEXONET will offer WHOISTrustee service for .UK and 3rd level .UK domains.  Currently .UK domain name registrations require full registrant contact information displayed on the international WHOIS database, meaning anyone in the world can view the name, address, phone number, and email of the registrant without restriction. Publicly making this information available puts domain owners at a risk for spam and potential identity theft.

WhoisTrustee and WHOISTrustee Lite securely replaces some or all of this information with data provided by to protect domain name registrants.  Please visit: to learn more.  


.LOAN Premium Domains

Famous Four Media will be releasing their high-value Premium domain names for .LOAN on May 15, 2016.  Pricing is broken into seven (7) different pricing tiers ranging from 260.00 USD to 10,600 USD (lower for our Premium and Platinum Resellers).  RENEWALS WILL BE PROCESSED AT STANDARD REGULAR FEES (not at the premium registration price).


.世界 Offers Additional IDNs

.世界 (.WORLD_IDN) registry has begun accepting Japanese (JP) and Korean (KO) IDNs in addition to Chinese (ZH). Meaning domain names for the “world” in Chinese, Japanese and Koreans alike can be registered. .世界 is the perfect example of an IDN new gTLD or Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) that represents a domain extension using characters other than the traditional ASCII characters (a through z).