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EFFECTIVE SOON: Billing of internal gTLD Transfers

Kindly remember that as of June 1, 2010, HEXONET will be billing internal transfers for gTLDs COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, NAME, MOBI, TEL & ASIA exactly the same way we bill for regular transfers. As a result, when an internal transfer is initiated by a reseller (with authorization code), the reseller will be immediately charged the renewal fee for the respective domain, when applicable. As always, if a transfer fails, like regular transfers, all fees are automatically refunded. Conversely, if the transfers succeeds, this will trigger an explicit renewal (when applicable) for the domain at the respective registry.

Please Note: For those resellers who have their own sub-resellers, "assigning domains & objects" amongst one's own sub-resellers can be performed at a reseller's sole discretion without effect from this new policy.