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Rightside is releasing many of their two (2) character domain names across all their TLDs. Now is the perfect time to save and obtain valuable two character domain names from Rightside. Two-character domains (also known as 2 letter domains) have been some of the most valuable industry-wide and their value will only continue to rise.

They are short, memorable and very easy to enter on mobile devices. They also lend themselves well to making excellent branded content links. According to Rightside, "new generic domain extensions are giving other brands a chance to shorten links, too. Liverpool Victoria (one of the United Kingdom's largest insurance companies), for instance, registered LV.SOCIAL to send their Twitter users to posts on their Facebook page. The Seattle Times, Washington state’s largest daily newspaper, uses the ST.NEWS domain as a branded link shortener to make sure that they are recognized as the source of every story they tweet out."  In fact, Rightside's main blog uses the URL rightside.news and leverages RS.NEWS when sharing links on their social media accounts.

Starting September 14th through to September 20th, these two (2) character domains will be available through a standard Second Level Early Access Phase program. On September 21st at 17:00 UTC, any remaining domains will be generally available.

We are now accepting pre-registrations for these domains. Please view the complete list of available domains here.