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The official registry of the country-code Top-Level-Domain of The Republic of Somalia, .SO, recently announced an extension of their Sunrise registration period, thus pushing back the regular launch dates of .SO.

Landrush & Landrush Auction Info:

Go-Live Info:

Pre-registration Billing: (IMPORTANT)

For Landrush and Go-Live, on January 17, 2011 through February 28, 2011 (and Go Live as of March 23, 2011) HEXONET will attempt to withdraw the total cost of all your .SO Pre-registrations from your reseller account. This deduction is only to reserve funds in case all your Pre-registrations are successful. Reserved funds will be returned back to your account if any Pre-registrations are not successful or if you delete a Pre-registration 24 hours prior to the respective Landrush or Go-Live launch date.

Please note, that for Go-Live only, 24 hours prior to the actual launch, HEXONET will stop accepting Pre-registrations altogether. Additional domain requests will be queued up and submitted to the registry once our main batch-queue has been submitted successfully. As always, if any Pre-registrations should fail, refunds will automatically be applied to your reseller account.

For more details on the .SO Launch please visit.

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.