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HEXONET is committed to helping and preparing our resellers and customers for the imminent launch of the first new gTLDs later this year. HEXONET started with the Expression of Interest (EOI) system last year to help resellers quick and easily enter and track their early customer inquiries on the new gTLDs.  That program proved to be highly successful and early demand has been strong across our resellers. 

This September 10, 2013, HEXONET will be releasing the Trademark Clearinghouse Service as the new tool that our resellers can starting offering. As part of the roll-out process of new TLDs, ICANN has mandated the creation of the Trademark Clearinghouse (also know as the TMCH).  The TMCH is designed to serve as the centralized database for the protection of trademark holders' rights during the launch of the new gTLDs.

"The Trademark Clearinghouse is one of several important enhanced rights protection mechanisms that have been built into the New gTLD program. The Trademark Clearinghouse will accept and authenticate rights information, and will support both trademark claims and sunrise services, required in all new gTLDs ... the Trademark Clearinghouse mechanism functions by authenticating information from rights holders and providing this information to registries and registrars. Benefits of registering a trademark with the Clearinghouse include access to Sunrise registration with new gTLD registries and notification from the Clearinghouse when a domain matching your trademark has been registered. - ICANN"

Overview and Synopsis

Who is the Target Market and Why Use the TMCH?

If you have clients that are trademark holders, trademark attorneys and/or customers that require corporate domain name management services,  they will most likely need to use the TMCH.   Don't let such high-value customers go elsewhere for this service.  The TMCH will be an integral service to helping your customers protect their valuable IP as well as to leverage opportunities with the new gTLDs. Let HEXONET do the heavy lifting here. We have developed an intuitive TMCH submission/management interface in our control panel as well as an extensive API for our resellers.  HEXONET has years of experience when it comes to new TLD launches and the related pre-validation/sunrise phases (eg. .asia, .co, .tel, .xxx, .sx, .so and .pw. )  Our team will ensure successful pre-validation of trademark registrations before they are submitted to the TMCH. 




Please review our wiki in order to access further details, FAQs and required documentation pertaining to the TMCH service.