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.ASIA - Price Promo 

The Asian region is now the largest Internet marketplace anywhere in the world.  Even China's recent shopping holiday called "Singles Day" generated more sales revenue than the well known American shopping holidays of "Black-Friday" and "Cyber-Monday" combined!  The more impressive fact about the Asian online market is that it's still only in its infancy.  

.Asia domains are the perfect domain to engage and play in the burgeoning online market in the region.  Unlike country specific TLDs, the .Asia domain is not only understood throughout Asia, but is also understood by English speaking consumers and markets in the west.  .Asia truly offers the benefits of regional coverage and localization while also being at the same time being internationally accepted.

Right now is the time to get your new .Asia domain while awesome promotional pricing is available! 

.CA Price Promo

Proudly Canadian, .CA is the fourth fastest growing TLD and the #1 viewed ccTLD in North America. Aside from being one of the most frequent users of the Internet, Canadian visitors tend to trust websites more when stated they're Canadian. This could be because .CA is specifically designated for Canadians only. Canadian businesses, owners and individuals can all use .CA to proudly identify their ties to Canada.

For the next two months, HEXONET will hold a special price exclusively for Canadians. Register for a .CA and show the world what it means to be Canadian!

.COM VOLUME Price Promo
- .COM still KING

After 15 years, .COM is still the #1 top registered domain, and so, is still considered the King of all TLDs! It's popularity comes from .COM's flexibility as a TLD, taken on by both company and non-company registrants. Used for blogs, social media, businesses and more, .COM has become the most well-rounded domain extension available to everyone.

Looking for a flexible domain? Consider the .COM King with a limited time promotional offer. 


.ME - PROMO - Make it Personal & get Your .ME Domain today!

.ME is the latest TLD to assert a personal persona online that will stand out. Make a domain all about .ME as this extension is great for personal websites, blogs, social media or other promotional preferences. It's completely dedicated to giving profiles its own space online that is easy to find, and under no ties to any social media network like Facebook or Wordpress.   

Personalize and promote a domain that's all about .ME at an affordable price.


.CO - More than 50% OFF Super Saver Promo - Until March 31, 2014

.CO Domains

Since 2010, businesses of all sizes, from small startups to multi-national corporations, have been using .CO to define their company or corporation. Gradually it has become recognized in over 200 countries as the corporate TLD, making businesses easily recognized world wide. 

This past year, corporate clients greatly enjoyed HEXONET's last .CO TLD promotion, and many asked to bring it back again. It was hard to say no, so HEXONET brought it back! Start the new year with bundles of new .CO domains, at a great bargain!

Third-Level .CO Domains (com.CO, .net.CO and .nom.CO) 

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.