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Latest New TLD Sunrise Launches:

HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our regular Tuesday schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:



Top 10 New TLDs Registered Globally:

Over 1.8 million new TLDs have been registered worldwide as of August, 2014 with the top 10 being (source: ntldstats.com):

1.  .xyz       
2.  .berlin         
3.  .club
4.  .guru
5.  .wang
6.   .photography
7.   .email
8.   .link
9.   .在线 (Dot Chinese Online)
10. .today


Rightside's New EAP Program:

The Next Wave of Rightside TLDs to Launch:


Early Access Phase (EAP) to Rightside Domains:

Each Rightside TLD, after their respective Sunrise period, will be available for the standard seven-day Early Access Phase (EAP) registration before its general availability. The Rightside EAP program is similar to the EAP program offered by the DONUTS registry.  Please note that the official and approved Sunrise and EAP dates for the above TLDs are yet to be authorized by ICANN, though .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER will likely be first. Stay tuned!


ICANN Qualified Launch Program:

ICANN recently established the Qualified Launch Program (QLP), which enables new gTLD registries to issue domain names to certain parties to help promote the respective new TLD, as well as its launch dates. ICANN believes that the first set of domain names from this program will lay the ground work for other registrants to follow -  first examples of how to best use their new TLD.

The QLP allocates 100 names to registries to give away to third parties before thier respective Sunrise date (a rights protection mechanism) as long as the name meets the following criteria:

  1. Is not on the list of Sunrise-eligible labels in the Trademark Clearinghouse (the “Sunrise List”).
  2. Is on the Sunrise List, but is given to a Sunrise-eligible rights holder.
  3. Is a public authority or place operated by a public authority.

The Program is an important promotion tool for new TLD registries.  Many of these QLP names are currently being marketed as 'Founders' or 'Pioneer' programs, including .London that has already issued domains to leading retail operators Fortnum and Mason, London Symphony Orchestra and Meantime Brewing Co.  .NYC also has recently completed its founders program and has secured several city organizations and innovative local companies/organizations.

This QLP is critical to building appeal for a new TLD.  The registries' hope that these highly visible clients of their domain extension will enhance the marketability and longevity of their TLD resulting in greater registration volume.