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Many of the New Top-Level-Domains (NewTLDs) are now open for registration!  In the past several weeks, HEXONET resellers and clients have been submitting Sunrise applications for over 50 NewTLDs, as well as standard domain registrations on over 20 NewTLDs that are open for general availability.  That is over 70 different NewTLDs that have launched!  HEXONET is seeing excellent success in registering many of these domains.

With the introduction of HEXONET's weekly Tuesday release schedule of NewTLDs, our resellers and clients have said that keeping track of all the launches is now very simple.  This means that if it is Tuesday, just check HEXONET's site and more NewTLDs could be available for registration! Please keep in mind that every registry is different and that published dates are moving targets, so on some Tuesdays there may be many while other Tuesdays there may be few or even none.

HEXONET has also launched a comprehensive NewTLD calendar on our website (https://www.hexonet.net/products/preorder). Please check the website often as updates will be made on a regular basis.  To make searching the calendars even easier, each one can be filtered by Sunrise, Landrush / EAP and Go-Live dates or alphabetically.  Currently there are several NewTLDs are already in General Availability (can be registered by the general public), which can be viewed on HEXONET's domain page at https://www.hexonet.net/domains under New Top-Level-Domains.

Please note that pricing for NewTLDs is available through the Control Panel.  Simply login to your account and navigate to "Manage Account > My Account > Prices".


NewTLDs  - Open - General Availability:


NewTLDs in Sunrise:


NewTLDs in Landrush:


NewTLDs to Go-Live Soon: