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HEXONET continues to launch more newTLDs on its regular Tuesday schedule, including several highly anticipated newTLDs this past couple of weeks.  Go-Live pre-registration (General Availability) acquisition on newTLDs for our clients have been excellent, which show why pre-registering is the smart way to increase the chances of obtaining a valuable domain name.  Demand for many of the live newTLDs continue to be steady, now is the time to register these domains.

NewTLDs Now Available:



Worldwide Statistics on NewTLDs:

Worldwide there are now 320,000 registered newTLDs with the top 10 being: .guru, .berlin, .photography, .tips, .today, .technology, .directory, .clothing, .bike, and .land.  HEXONET encourages all resellers and clients to stay up to date on the release dates for even more newTLDs to be launched shortly.  A comprehensive newTLD calendar is available at https://www.hexonet.net/products/preorder to help you plan and prepare.  The calendars are sortable by Sunrise Date, Landrush/EAP Date, Go-Live Date, and alphabetically.