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Latest New TLDs at HEXONET:

HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our new WEDNESDAY schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:

SUNRISE New TLDS                         General Available New TLDs                   
  • .broker
  • .cfd
  • .forex
  • .kyoto
  • .spreadbetting
  • .trading
  • .live
  • .studio
  • .study

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here.


.Club Auction - C.CLUB & 24 Double Letter Domains

Don't miss out! Get super premium single and two character .CLUB domains at a special auction for these high value domain names. Starting October 29th, 2015, C.CLUB and twenty-four other 2-character .CLUB domains will hit the auction block. For more details: https://nic.club/auction/


Spotlight on .Earth

.EARTH is a brand new Top-Level Domain (TLD) that is available to everyone. The concept of creating “.earth” is much larger than just environmental relationships or philanthropic ideals; it’s all about connecting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organizations that wish to show support for making the planet a better place.

Register Today:

  1. Who can register a .EARTH domain? Anyone can! There are no restrictions as to who can register the .EARTH domain names. When you buy a .EARTH domain name you pledge to become an ambassador for Earth and do away with any and all hostile actions that harm Earth and its inhabitants.
  2. Launch dates: Sunrise ends: November 17, 2015 and General Availability: November 19, 2015


StartingDot Reaches Significant Milestone

With the launch of .SKI on September 8th, StartingDot has now released its full range of innovative gTLDs. In fact, the opening of .SKI was the most successful opening of any sports related gTLD currently available. Their first day of registrations ended with over 5,000 registrations and this number continues to grow daily.   Also, total registrations in StartingDot's gTLDs recently passed 20,000 domains, spurred on by growth in .BIO.  With high renewal rates for .BIO and the growing sales channels for .ARCHI at leading domain name registrars, the StartingDot Registry is growing! Congratulations to the team!