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HEXONET continues to launch  New TLDs on our WEDNESDAY schedule, including several highly anticipated New TLDs these past couple of weeks:

SUNRISE New TLDS                         General Available New TLDs                   
  • no new Sunrise launches
  • .art
  • .cat

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here.


Spotlight on .BLOG

Automattic, the company behind Wordpress.com, launched the .BLOG extension on November 21, 2016.  Since then .BLOG has been appealing to bloggers, SMBs and content creators who desire a digital signpost that is short, memorable, intuitive and that speaks to their online brand. There is also a new generation of young students who are passionate about writing and who are expressing themselves using a .BLOG domain name.

Excellent examples of live .BLOG sites:

There are now over 150 million public blogs on the Internet. In fact, the word 'blog' is very much a part of our everyday vernacular. Be sure to check out the very informative post, "Where Blogs Come From", just published by the team at Automattic. With 83,000 .BLOG domain names registered, there is much more room to grow and potentially millions of buyers! HEXONET is also featuring a special .BLOG promo that will run until the end of this year. See below for details.