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HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our WEDNESDAY schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:

Sunrise New TLDS                                      

General Available New TLDs     

  • .游戏 (GAMES) - .xn--unup4y
  • .企业 (ENTERPRISE) - .xn--vhquv
  • .娱乐 (ENTERTAINMENT) - .xn--fjq720a
  • .商店 (SHOP / STORE) - .xn--czrs0t
  • .GAMES
  • .SHOP

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here.


Donuts Launching Four (4) Chinese IDN new gTLDs:

Donuts is bringing four (4) Chinese IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) new gTLDs to market. You can now place pre-registrations for the following TLDs: 

  1. .游戏 (GAMES) - .xn--unup4y:

    This TLD represents the Mandarin word for GAMES. There are millions of people and organizations worldwide that speak Mandarin who also create, stage, participate and enjoy games, including contests and recreation of all kinds.  The online gaming market continues to grow exponentially, especially in China.

  2. .企业 (ENTERPRISE) .xn--vhquv:

    This TLD represents the Mandarin word for ENTERPRISE, which is intended for use by companies and businesses. Businesses and organizations anywhere in the world that cater to the millions of diverse Mandarin-speaking individuals should seriously consider this TLD.

  3. .娱乐 (ENTERTAINMENT) - .xn--fjq720a:

    This TLD represents the Mandarin word for ENTERTAINMENT. It will be appealing to those people and organizations worldwide who speak Mandarin and who also have an affinity for or are involved in the entertainment industry. It also serves as a TLD for the outward expression for fans and critics associated with entertainment.

  4. .商店 (SHOP / STORE) - .xn--czrs0t:

    This TLD represents the Mandarin word for SHOP or STORE. There are millions of people and organizations worldwide who speak Mandarin who operate, supply, or frequent stores or shops. The domain name is also great for individuals who simply love to shop or blog about sales in Chinese.


HEXONET Securing Valuable Donuts and Rightside New gTLD Domain Name Backorders!

HEXONET has been taking backorders for all Donuts and Rightside TLDs since May 1, 2016.  And over the past couple of months, we have successfully secured many valuable domains for our customers including many high-value premium domain names. With over 23 million new gTLD domain names registered and many failing to be renewed or simply expiring, the opportunity right now to obtain previously registered domain names is fantastic.

HEXONET's high performance domain backordering service intelligently monitors expiring domains on behalf of our resellers. Less than a second after a domain name becomes available, HEXONET attempts to secure and register the domain for assignment to a reseller. When compared to other backordering systems in the market for speed, reliability, and success rate, HEXONET is one of the leaders. We will be adding more TLDs in the coming months. Don't pass up this great opportunity.

To learn more: https://www.hexonet.net/backorders