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NewTLD Corner

HEXONET will be offering as many of the new TLDs as possible to our clients and reseller network.  More importantly, the goal is to make available each and every new TLD early, giving our resellers and customers access ahead of the competition (first mover advantage). Accreditations with many of the new TLD registries are already under way.  Please stay tuned to our newsletters and announcements as key launch dates for the new TLDs will soon be made public fast and furious. 

A pre-launch phase providing mark holders the opportunity to register domain names in a TLD before registration is generally available to the public. New gTLD registries are required to offer a Sunrise period of at least 30 days. Those companies and entities with a validated trademark entry in the Trademark Clearinghouse can register their branded domain during the sunrise phase.  Sunrise periods will in most cases include an auction process, while some will be offered on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Landrush, although not mandatory, is a period for priority registration of domain names that occurs between Sunrise and General Availability. Landrush phase registration is usually open to everyone, but domains are offered at a higher premium price.

General Availability
The General Availability phase follows all Sunrise and Landrush periods. This is the open-ended phase where the TLD is available on a "first-come, first-served" basis to the general public.

Upcoming new TLD Schedule

.みんな (Japanese for "everyone")
Registry: Charleston Road Registry (operated by Google)
Sunrise: 09.12.2013 - 14.02.2014
Landrush: 15.01.~14.02.2014  (combined Sunrise and Landrush)
General Availability:  Estimated March/April 2014

Registry: Dot Latin LLC
Sunrise: 09.12.2013 - 06.02.2014
Landrush: 12.02.2014 - 13.03.2014
General Availability: 19.03.2014

Registry: Dot Menu
Sunrise: 07.12.2013 - 05.02.2014
Landrush: 10.02.~12.03.2014
General Availability: 17.03.2014

Registry: Uniregistry
Sunrise: 11.12.2013 - 07.02.2014
Landrush: not applicable
General Availability: 24.02.2014

Registry: Uniregistry
Sunrise: 11.12.2013 - 07.02.2014
Landrush: not applicable
General Availability: 24.02.2014

Registry: Dot Kiwi Ltd.
Sunrise: 20.12.2013 - 19.02.2014 (estimated)
Landrush: 25.02.2014 - 27.03.2014 (estimated)
General Availability: 03.04.2014 (estimated)


Converting Expressions of Interest into Domain Applications

For customers and resellers with existing EOIs (Expression of Interest) at HEXONET, as the respective TLD you are interested in announces their opening, information on converting EOIs to standard Domain Application (or how to delete the EOI) will be provided. Additionally, for every new TLD launch a series of notices will ensure including:

- General information about the respective new TLD
- Information on marketing and product details (such as restrictions)
- Information on the launch schedule (such as Sunrise Periods for Trademark and Brand owners, Landrush and/or Go Live)
- Pricing information for the various launch phases (e.g. for Sunrise, Landrush and GoLive)