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Acquiring High-Value, Soon to Expire .ASIA Domains, HEXONET's Newest Innovation

HEXONET's DotAsia backordering technology is one of the first, if not the first, backorderingservices for .ASIA domains - thousands of domains soon to expire on DotAsia's anniversary

Vancouver, Canada March 3, 2010 -- HEXONET ( announced today one of the domain industry's first, if not the first, backordering services for DotAsia domain names. Utilizing HEXONET's revolutionary domain backordering search engine and service platform, starting today, for the first time, anyone will be able to search for expiring .ASIA domains as well as backorder them even before they expire. Again, only at HEXONET, can .ASIA domain backorders be placed using this new technology.

"With DotAsia's Landrush anniversary fast approaching, HEXONET was determined to launch the DotAsia backordering service as quickly as possible," said Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer of HEXONET. Birkner also went on to say, "On February 20th, thousands of domains, if not tens of thousands, first went into redemption (expiration) resulting from DotAsia's massive launch two years ago. Many fantastic domains are going to be up for grabs towards the end of March and only HEXONET customers will have the newest technology to take advantage of the opportunity."

Edmon Chung, Chief Executive Officer of the DotAsia registry, has been quoted as saying, "We are excited to see technological innovations built around DotAsia domains. With the implementation of the Asian Free Trade Area between China and 10 South East Asian nations earlier this year, the usage and demand of DotAsia domains will continue to grow, not only for new domains, but also for domains that have been previously registered as businesses expand to the regional Asian marketplace."

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can sign up for free at HEXONET and immediately start backordering .ASIA domains. Backordering for other domain extensions--such as .DE, .INFO, .BIZ, .ORG, and more--is also available.

About HEXONET Since 1999, HEXONET has been a leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry. Thousands of resellers, startups and service providers from across the world trust HEXONET as their domain platform provider. And today, HEXONET manages over six hundred thousand domains for its clients.

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