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Advanced DNS Included with Every HEXONET Domain

Ensure your website is fast and secure with HEXONET’s advanced DNS. Built and maintained by the same people that have kept the CNIC registry running without a single drop for the past 25 years, our DNS ensures your website will remain online no matter what. Multiple servers spread across five continents maintain security and fast resolutions times from North America, Australasia, Africa, South America, and everywhere in between.

And now, as an added bonus, this advanced DNS service comes standard with every domain purchased through HEXONET, at no extra cost!


Our global network means no matter where your audience is located, they’ll enjoy fast and stable website performance.


Reliable and continuous security protects your assets against modern cybersecurity threats, such as DDoS attacks and domain spoofing.


Every domain registered via HEXONET receives our advanced DNS as a standard feature. No extra costs or fees, just fast, secure, and reliable DNS service.

Why Your DNS Matters

The Domain Name System, or DNS for short, is the first and most critical step for your domain name. Web browsers translate domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to locate the correct information on a server and load the respective website.

The longer it takes to locate and load a website, the higher the chance of your visitors bouncing and going somewhere else. This can lead to revenue loss, unhappy customers, and damage to your business. In some cases, a slow DNS response can causes a “time out” error, resulting in your site not being found.

With your IP address being widely distributed to multiple servers across the planet, your visitors connect to the nearest location, resulting in improved website performance. Experience fast load times and lower bounce rates with our advanced DNS.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Added Security

An important aspect of advanced DNS is protecting your site from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and other cyber-threats. During a DDoS attack, your IP address is targeted and requested by a significant amount of fake requests, overwhelming the server your IP address is stored. This surge of activity blocks legitimate traffic from locating your website. With basic DNS your data may only be stored on a single server, making you a perfect target for DDoS attacks.

Using multiple servers, our advanced DNS protects against DDoS by dispersing the flood of traffic across our expansive network, ensuring your website remains online even during an attack. Say goodbye to DDoS and hello to peace of mind!

Protect your Visitors with Domain Name System Security Extensions

Make DNS even more secure and protect your website.

The security of your website is only as strong as the weakest link in your security chain. During the domain name lookup process, your IP address could be swapped, redirecting visitors to a malicious website.

The DNSSEC feature in our advanced DNS addresses this spoofing vulnerability by strengthening the authentication process of a traditional IP address request, ensuring your visitors are always directed to the correct website.