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Make Money With Your Domains

A benefit of working with our parent company, Team Internet, is getting access to other products and services from within our group. To monetize your domains, look no further than the ParkingCrew team.

ParkingCrew effectively connects your domains with the world’s largest search engine and thousands of advertisers globally, helping you make the most of your portfolio. With years of domain parking expertise as the market leader, proven auto-optimization success, and a variety of templates, the ParkingCrew experts provide you with an elaborate self-service platform that allows you to start monetizing your valuable domains today.

Highlight Features

Mobile Templates

As more and more people navigate to your domains from mobile devices, ParkingCrew makes sure they are served proper templates. This has a huge impact on CTR!

Flexible API

Many large portfolio holders have built their own systems that rely on being able to pull stats from an API. ParkingCrew doesn't just offer a stats API. You can also add and edit your domains through their API.

Stats at a glance by domain

All stats and edit options on one clearly arranged screen makes for easy editing. Easy drill down options to learn more about visitor origins, referrers and much more.

High-performing ad providers

ParkingCrew has partnered with the largest search engine in the world to bring the largest inventory available to your domains. In addition, they have a larger base of direct advertisers bidding directly on your Tier-2 domain traffic that won't get properly monetized elsewhere.

Learn More

To connect directly with the ParkingCrew team and explore what you can do with your domains, visit the link below and to get started. We’re happy to provide you this reference for success!

Monetize My Domains