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Preorder Service For New Domain Name Launches

With HEXONET's Preorder service be first in line to attempt registration of new upcoming domain name releases. The moment a domain name becomes available and in microseconds, HEXONET's advanced preorder registration system attempts to obtain the valuable new domain names you want.

Free to Preorder

Placing a preorder on a domain name is free. You only pay upon the successful registration of the domain name you want. Get free notifications and alerts whenever you have a preorder with HEXONET!

Priority Queue

For preorders with one customer request, upon successful registration of a domain name, it is immediately placed in the customer's account. Private and exclusive auction among customers with the same preorder.

Advanced Technology

HEXONET's advanced high-performance preorder systems are highly optimized for registering domain names the moment they become available from the registry. Let our technology work for you.

New Domain Names Release Schedule

No preorders currently available. Check back often for new listings!